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Team Cosmo

Gameplay Instructions

You are inside the last human facility in the universe, and you have to run an experiment to save the last remaining humans! You have a lot of things to help you in this task, but at the other side, they could also prevent you from doing so. You can't change the present but you can change your past! Pay attention to the objects around you and fix them traveling in time using the time door, but remember you only have 45 seconds so be careful! And remember every thing you make or you will have to go to the past and fix everything again!

To start the experiment click on the console on front of the data screen.

To move objects press Left Click
To drop them press Right click

To interact go close to an object and press click

Dear traveler you are our only hope.

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Install instructions

unzip and play 


TeamCosmic_Casual Loop.zip 663 MB

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