this game was created for mini jam 24:space.

all 3d asset and code where creating by me,sky box where free assen in the unity store, this game was develop in unity 3d, blender,zbrush and subtance painte.

in this game you take control of a defender ship of the last city of humans in the universe, you mission stop the space pirate from wiping the human race .

the control are simple use you left click to shoot , your right click yo move and your middle click to activate a forcefield to block all dmg, dont let you or your base get destroyed.

Play it in full screeam


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Cool game! Im really impressed by the graphics, when i loaded iy up ans saw the menu screen it almost felt like i was playing an AAA game so you definetly deserve a lot of credit for that. 

The gameplay however felt a bit clunky and well not very engaging, maybe its because of the mouse limitation that it feels kinda weird but at the same time isn't that what makes this game stand out from the rest of games like this. I'd say the movement might need some working on (for example faster) as well as the collisions.

Never the less, you've made a really great looking game and you should be really proud of yourself for making and submitting a game :D


thx you very much i appreciate that you like the visual i'm like total noob modeling and stuff, and game play they need more polish i ran out of time for proper game testing , but thx for playing and leving some feedback.